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Beginning January 15, 2024, all Goerli dApps within the ecosystem will begin to be depreciated. Please make any necessary preparations.

Become a Solo Staker in 60 seconds

Mainstream Solo Staking
100% Compatible with all Ethereum clients & node infrastructure
Easy Management
The Stakehouse dApp UX brings solo staking to mainstream users.
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Stakehouse Monitoring
Detailed on-chain analytics for your validators and their liquid stake.
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Liquid Stake
Restake your validators and create liquid derivatives for staked ETH.
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Stake from Home

Run your validator with

Compound Staking is a protocol which allows solo stakers to stake with only 8 ETH.

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Stake from Home

Run your validator with

The easiest way to solo stake is with Stakehouse and Dappnode.


When using Stakehouse and Dappnode, home stakers are able to stake a validator and set up a node in 30 minutes.

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Pol Lanski at Devconnect

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Easy Mode On
Stake an ETH validator in 60 seconds.
Mint your own derivatives. No staking pools or price oracles. Just ETH.
Use fungible derivatives which have unique yield to your validator.
Unlock incredible optionality using the Stakehouse SDK.
CIP for stakehouse

Key Loss Recovery for Validators

CIP for Stakehouse

Your peace of mind.

Introducing Common Interest Protocol

Video Walkthrough

Common Interest Protocol Documentation

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