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Beginning January 15, 2024, all Goerli dApps within the ecosystem will begin to be depreciated. Please make any necessary preparations.

Liquid Staking to Decentralize Ethereum

Stakehouse LSD Networks

Stakehouse LSD Networks make the most decentralized
liquid staking option the most advantageous.

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Liquid Staking Derivatives (LSD) Networks bring node operators and liquidity providers together trustlessly and permissionlessly. Anybody can create an LSD Network in 60 seconds, stake a validator with 4 ETH, or provide liquidity.

Think liquid staking with automated accounting, validator ownership for every ETH staked, and endless options. Just bring ETH and let Stakehouse smart contracts take care of the rest.

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Create your own LSD Network

It only takes 60 seconds to set up your business.

Ethereum's only MEV staking

Stake ETH and get paid in ETH.

Run a Validator with 4 ETH

Be in control of Ethereum blockspace.

On-chain data for your staked ETH

Know what validator your ETH is in.

Secure and reliable

Verified by the Community

You can launch a staking service run by you for the people you love, in 60 seconds, so they can be part of this revolution with any amount they want.

Audit Contest

Liquid Staking Derivative Networks

Formal Verification Contest

MEV Payout Contract

Formal Verification Dashboard

Security for your ETH is a top priority.

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LSD Network Documentation

ETH Staking with increased optionality

Stakehouse LSD Networks are a place for Ethereum stakers to come together in a trustless and decentralized environment. This is between you and the blockchain.

Deep Dive into LSD Network

Setting the commission rate of an LSD Network.

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Why create an LSD Network with Stakehouse.

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How to create an LSD Network with Stakehouse.

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Understanding the asset flow of LSD Networks.

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Understanding Giant Pools

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Why asset tracking matters.

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Walkthroughs and Help Center.

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Stakehouse Position Paper

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